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What can cause left side abdominal ache for months?

I believe this is an injury which was caused by doing too many situps after not doing those exercises for a while.  It wasn't immediate, but maybe days or a week after.  It feels like it is right below the tip of the bottom of my left ribs.  But it extends at times down my abdomen (basically hugging the abs...almost like there is a tendon there).  I can pinpoint it, but when pressed, there is no pain.  I have tried to 'find' a spot where I can press to produce pain or the ache, but cannot.  So it does not feel 'on the surface'.  Movement doesn't seem to necessarily cause any issues, but if I am standing or walking for a very long time, I can feel the ache more (almost like it is stressed).  Or if I lean/stretch a certain way, I can feel also.  Does not wake up during sleep.  I am having some lower back pain now, but I don't think that is related.  So, it feels like maybe obliques?

My concern is that it may be colon cancer, or something like that.  But x-ray (regular) showed nothing (they said I was 'constipated', but I am not, and go regularly).  Going for ultrasound this month.  Had CT w/contrast about two years ago, and everything showed fine in the abdomen with no visible issues (this was not a virtual colonoscopy, just CT of the abdomen).  No blood in stools. No apparent bowl changes and everything seems 'normal' to me besides this chronic ache.

Should it take this long to heal if it is muscle related?  Not looking for a diagnosis (and I still have some more testing to get done), but any experiences or thoughts you all might have.  

It has been at least three months now.

Thank you!
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Hello~You may have some pinched nerves and/or vertebral misalignment in your mid or lower back, if this is the case, then you would have some of the issues that you are having. Perhaps seeing a chiropractor would be of some help. They will go over any x-rays you have, discuss whether they think they can help you, and if so, start treatments, usually after a few treatments, the patient starts to feel better.
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I never thought of that!  I will check on this.  Thank you :)
You are very welcome, let me know how it goes. :)
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If it's a muscle tear, it might be sore for this long. A pulled muscle would be fine by now.

It's interesting that they said you were constipated, but you're still going. How often are you going? Constipation is defined as having 3 or fewer bowel movements in a week, so maybe there was some back up?

How's your water intake? Fiber intake?

In any case, even if you were constipated, you might not be now, and that could only be part of the picture, or totally unrelated and they just did the xray on a day when you may have been a bit constipated. I'm not suggesting you do anything drastic to change it if you are constipated, by definition, except maybe increase your water intake and eat healthier, if that's a concern. Without knowing what's happening, I wouldn't try any stool softeners or laxatives or anything.

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A muscle tear sounds possible!  I am going for ultrasound, but nor sure if it will detect that?  Yes, I am regular and no issues.  I think it was just their way of giving me a fast answer to move me on for another patient.  Thank you!

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