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What could be causing my head and eye pressure?

I'm a 32 year old male, 6'5", 225 lbs and in decent shape. For the past month and a half I've had this pressure in my head and behind my eyes, made worse by drinking caffeine, and it's become very painful/irritating to stare at a computer or phone screen for too long. It's like this expanding pressure in the center of my head and behind my eyes. I'm not dizzy, and it's not exactly "pain", but aspirin/motrin/tylenol don't seem to help it. I had an eye exam in September and they determined my eyes where fine save for some redness and very small lattice tears in the back of my eyes, which are "nothing to worry about". I also had some extensive dental work done, had a large cavity filled on my rear molar (was green and decaying), as well as some fillings between my molars, so I've wondered if that's been responsible for the "pressure".

Lastly, I did go to the ER in August because I was feeling faint due to unexplained high blood pressure, and they determined that it was possibly an anxiety attack, for which they gave me 40 mgs of famotidine to treat possible GERD, though looking back I think maybe this was unecessary. Again, I think maybe even that famotidine (which is pepcid, basically) may have caused it as I did begin having headaches while taking it, but I ceased taking it on September 23rd and it feels like the headache (or "pressure", I should say), and the eye pressure haven't really gone away.

Sorry for the ramble. I'm just trying to determine if this is a heart, eye, dental or brain issue, as it's really hard to pinpoint it. I appreciate any input given.
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