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What could cause my skull to badly distort out of shape?

About 20 years ago I had a bump appear on the top of my head and since then the sides, back and top of my skull have all been pushed out of shape. Including my forehead which has been pushed forward noticeably and my cheek bones. I have had a CT scan with nothing wrong. But it is still happening and I get head aches when it moves out of shape.
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You must have talked to a doctor about the changes that have occurred to your skull since the accident?  

So apparently the skull changes, i did not know this < thanks for that. lol

I read this..Know this: Science has identified how our skulls change with age and several articles have been written on the subject.

The main areas that morph are our eye sockets (orbital rims) and cheekbones. These changes mostly affect the central part of our face.

As infants, the central part of our face is relatively compact. As we become young adults, more space develops in that middle part of our face. With maturity, however, changes in our orbital rims and cheekbones make our central face more compact again and closer to the proportions of infancy.

The picture above highlights the differences between the skulls of a young and older person. *

As our central face becomes more compact, the muscles, fat, and skin attached to the bones bunches together to a certain degree. What this translates to is illustrated by the following picture. This picture shows a great example of both a young and aged face with almost no overlying fat. You can clearly see the differences in the shapes of the underlying skeleton and how the skin of the older face wrinkles and folds because there is less bony support. **

The differences between and young and old face.
Despite almost no fat and relatively good skin in both, the younger patient still looks young because of the shape and proportion of his skull.

Knowing how our skull changes with age, we can combat the signs of aging by addressing the underlying problem.  Fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse, muscle relaxers including Botox, and various lasers give us the upper hand.  The more we learn about how all aspects of our face change with age, the better we can become at rejuvenating it.

so your question, as to why this is happening is either the normal aging process or something associated with your injury and your doctor i believe will be able to give you the best information.

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