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What could give me a headache after strenuous exertion?

I am a 66 year old, obese female. Since I did a couple of hours of yard work last week (mowing lawn, raking leaves), I've has a feeling like pressure in my head that radiated from the temples to the top of my head, or the other way. Accompanied by transient dizziness, clumsiness, mild confusion and sleep disturbances. My doctor is on vacation for 3 weeks and even if she wasn't, I do not have much confidence in her. The last several times I've been to see her, all she's said is, "You're getting older. You have to expect these things." or "There's nothing wrong with you that losing 100 pounds won't help." So I went to an urgent care clinic where they found nothing obviously wrong except my blood pressure was slightly elevated 132/94 as was my blood sugar (119 mg/dL when not having eaten for 17 hours), but the clinic did not mention that these might be my problem or give any advice other than to follow up with my doctor. So now I am back to square one.
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Your current doctor isn't the only doctor out there.  Find another one if you don't feel you are getting proper care. The issue though does sound to be related to a need to lose weight.  I have this same thing going on so I feel your pain and am not saying that lightly.  Your blood pressure will probably come down as will your glucose numbers.  And absolutely, elevated blood pressure may give you a headache.  

There is something called an exertion headache though. However, that is concerning given your recent blood pressure reading since exertion headaches are caused by an elevated venous pressure in the brain.  

I'd find a new doctor and begin examining your health as a whole and we both need to work on losing this weight because it is hard to blame anything else until we do that.  good luck
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Hello~although a little elevated, both the blood pressure and glucose level are within "normal" limits. when you doing the yard work, did you keep well hydrated, sometimes dehydration can cause the symptoms you are having.

I would seek the advice of another doctor, drink more water, and start an exercise program of walking 30 to 35 minutes 5 days a week, this will help loose weight and you will feel better as well.
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