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What do these iron levels mean?

Total Iron 161, Binding Capacity 297, Ferritin 49...all these sound normal but my saturation level is 54%

Does this make me a candidate for hemochromatosis?
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Hello~I would ask your physician, he/she would be better in answering this.

One thing I would suggest is donating blood, sometimes this helps to lower the levels.
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Hopefully your doctor goes over all of this with you soon.  Yes, your saturation level percentage seems slightly elevated.  45% is the cut off before they may deem it too high.  Do you have any joint pain or issues like that? Do you have any symptoms? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hemochromatosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20351443  I guess hemochromatosis is a hereditary disease and does have some initial symptoms.  
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Make sure it’s a hematologist. I was missed diagnosed for 18yrs with high level blood work Iron related had a spleen removed. I have Hemochromatosis. I’m 56 and been very sick my whole life all secondary to hemochromatosis  
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