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What is wrong with my body??

I have had constant pain in many places for over a year now and don't know what to diagnose it as. I have not been to a Dr due to the fact that I do not have insurance. Woke up one day with pain in my elbow. Thought I had just slept on it wrong but as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and the pain is still there I have come to the conclusion that there is something wrong. Then one day I woke up with pain in the bend of my knee on my right leg, now in my left leg, and now I have been experiencing pain in my neck that shoots to my shoulder into my back. The pain in my elbow makes it hard to straighten my arm all the way out and hard to bend all the way. Pain in the bend of my knees makes me limp. I wake up in the morning feeling more tired than I should considering I got plenty of sleep, and also my body feels as if it cannot move and is on fire. I have spoken to my mother about this and she seems to think I may have Fibromyalgia. She has this too and so does my little sister. But I have also been considering this may be some type of arthritis. I am not sure. I will be getting insurance soon through my job, but in the mean time would like some feed back on what others think this may be. Please help so when I do go to a Dr I can tell them what I think it may be.
Thank you.
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I have FM.  Started in 1994 and your symptoms say to see a rheumatoid m.d You will receive the proper tests.  I have been through to many modality's to mention.  Please list more symptoms time frames, any other illnesses you have had.  childhood on up.  When you say your body feels on fire & can't move, explain more where in your neck (what kind of pain?)
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