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What is wrong with my foot

about 2 years ago my employer made steel toes mandatory since then I have developed painful callasus and corns. The next to last toe and the last are covered with corns that nothing seems to clear them up. Im ready to cut those 2 toes off! Any suggestions before I see a foot dr
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I feel sorry for the situation you are on!

If the changes in the skin cause more discomfort, the doctor will cut out the thickened tissue after injecting the anesthetic drug.

When considering what works for corns on the feet, alternative treatments come to mind, such as:

rubbing castor oil in the place of calluses - causes their gradual softening,
placing a fresh lemon peel or a strip of fresh pineapple on the imprint,
placing a wet tea bag on the im-print every day,
applying kvass compresses at night,
soaking feet in a decoction of oatmeal,
apply gauze moistened with water to the corns and wrapping the feet in plastic foil for 15 minutes.
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Hello, I am so sorry you are having this discomfort. Since this issue has been going on for so long, I would see a podiatrist, he/she will probably be able to help you with someone who can "customize" the shoe or insole to make them more tolerable.
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Ya, let's hope you don't have to cut two toes off!  This has been going on for two whole years?  Wow, long time.  I have had some foot problems before and until you do, we tend to take how important foot health is for granted, don't we? You are still have to wear steal toe shoes . Have you tried a half or whole size larger with the steal toe boots? If these types of footwear are too tight, what you are experiencing is indeed the typical outcome.  I found a little info that suggests adding an insole.  This info kind of contradicts the tight shoe theory as they talk about too much movement of the foot in the shoe.  Insoles would eliminate slip.  They also recommend thick socks. Can you be professionally fitted?  Fit is key, they say.  https://workbootguide.com/how-to-stop-steel-toe-boots-from-hurting-your-feet/
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We have a old time mom and pop work boot outlet where they spent 40 minutes getting the proper sizing not long after my problems started.  I'm actually wearing 1 size bigger,  wide width plus a ball of foot pad. My employer is finally offering better health insurance in 13 days so I'll  be able to afford to see a foot specialist. Thanks for your suggestions though and your right we don't realize how important foot health is.
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