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What kind of doctor do I need to take my brother to for these symptoms?

He has lost 50+ pounds with no exercise in less than 2 months, he eats ridiculous amounts of food and is still dwindling away, he has swollen extremities, sharp pain sensations in his limbs, painful bathroom excretions, awake 3-4 days at a time, testosterone output almost zero, shriveled genitals, severe constipation, spacial awareness is off, and no reaction to heat( ie. near boiling water on bare hands with no impulse to move them, I has to move them for him when I blistering starting).

He is also paranoid of light reflections being flying insects, that something is under his skin(but only in his palms, fingers, and lower legs) and that there is some sort of parasite that is making him sick. He is also aware and forthcoming that this situation sounds absurd. Also, his personality has recently changed from outgoing alpha male type to extremely docile and emotional pushover.

Lastly, hydrogen peroxide causes this strange, hard, and white blister like buildup on his fingers, face and toes. this buildup does not wipe off either. It seems engratiated into his skin. This happens even after he very thoroughly washes himself with sterilizing soap for several minutes.

If anyone has an idea of where I need to consult for his treatment please let me know.
Thank you for reading.

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Soumds to me like most of the symptoms of meth abuse. Either that or a bi-polar type of mental disorder. Or it could be both. I'm no psychologist, but let me talk with him about 2 min and I can tell of it's meth.
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This is a complex scenario which will likely require extensive workup and multidisciplinary approach, starting with primary care physician/internal medicine, then supplemented with endocrine, neurology, and/or psychiatry consults.
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Hello~It sounds like a severe blood sugar disorder to me, possibly diabetes. I would take him to either an Internist or an endocrinologist, both will be able to do tests and prescribe any meds, etc that may be needed.
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