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What now?!?

I've developed flu like symptoms (head and chest congestion, some hearing loss in one ear, unable to taste... well, anything, occassional sweats regardless of inside home temp). I have had some 'pain' in my chest over the past week (has happened 6 or 7 times, lasts a few seconds). Also, I have noticed 'pea' sized, white blisters on the back of my tongue. Not sure whether all of these are related or are random. History - 38 (eek) y/o male, 2 pack a day methol cig smoker, Gastric Bypass (full cut) 3-03 (lost 187lbs. in 12 mos. - have gained 50+ back), Inguinal Hernia repair (surgeon said bowel was obstructed in 3 places (7-08). Depression (bi polar - say my "armchair nurse" friends) (untreated), and a major Ultram addiction (I take 30-35  50mg each day or 1500-1750 mgs a day) (and they say its not addicting - right!). Have also had issues with other opiates a few years ago, but nothing I presently require to function. The two latter have been around since the Gastric Bypass.  I know I am a pathetic mess but my Family Doctor is turning out to be a "Ninny" (I've been with this particular company for 6 years & 7 of their doctors). I despise going to hospitals. Any suggestions besides taking me out behind the shed and shooting me?!??! (hey, that may be an option! oops, depression talking). Thanks in advance and after the fact.
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Go to the gastric section and read my comments to others.  Hope it helps!
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Hello, it sounds like you are in a mess.  The upper respiratory, congestion stuff is lingering and keeps reoccurring this year, just when you think you're getting better here it comes back.  It took me 4 months to get rid of the crap,  there are some bad boy infections going around.  The chest pain is most likely pleurisy around the lungs-where the infection is moving to the lower respiratory tract, or from coughing.  Home remedies of Mucinex, Claritin, Cough Syrup, Vit C., and drinking plenty of fluids is the best treatment for this.

My main concern is the blisters at the back of the tongue because you may very well have strep throat and only antibiotic treatment from the doctor will get rid of this.  Try gargling with some diluted Listerine, or warm salt water to see if that helps get rid of them.  If it doesn't help, or your chest congestion worsens you really need to see your doctor.  I Hope This Helps!  Good Luck and Get Well Soon.
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