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What would be the best type of doctor for me to see with my combination of symptoms_

I am a 61-year-old female who takes public transport to work and walks on average 1.5 hours 5 times a week for exercise.

My family history includes multiple family members - 4 people - who had Rheumatic Fever, I had Scarlet Fever at 29 displaying low-grade fever, and my children had Pandas l reaction to a Strep infection 7 years ago. and 2 relatives - my father and niece- also had Bacterial Meningitis. Multiple family members have allergies and had different types of cancer, a number quite young including myself- receptor negative breast cancer with radiation, mastectomy, and chemo - at 35, then again at 41. I also was in a car accident many years ago which left me with damage to 2 cervical discs resulting in intermittent numbness or even pain in different limbs, usually upon waking up in the morning or if I have carried heavy things.

Recently, I have developed allergic reactions to things like mosquito bites, ant bites and something unknown in my bedroom, so a dermatologist recently prescribed a long/term allergy med for me, which seems to work for the reaction to bites.

But around Christmas, I developed leg pain whenever I turned my leg and was diagnosed with a sciatic nerve problem, but the prescribed physical therapy caused severe muscle cramping and caused me to almost not be able to walk. Because of this, the therapy was discontinued by the doctor and ordered an MRI of my lumbar spine, which appeared to be normal for my age.  Since the therapy, I have had developed difficulty climbing stairs.

At the same time I developed a fine rash on my torso, which itched, but didn't hurt, an intermittent severe earache, and mild eye infection. A generalist doctor told me all this was allergy related, but the allergy medicine prescribed had /has no effect on the rash and pimples that then developed. The fine rash on my torso eventually went away in a couple of weeks, but pimples from that area spread to my arms and face with mild skin itching also where there were no pimples. New pimples continue to appear leaving little red spots where they had been and the earache returns off and on.

Since Christmas I have been to 2 generalists, a dermatologist, my oncologist, an orthopedic specialist and still am having problems climbing steps, have pimples periodically appearing in various parts of my body, particularly my face, and find myself sleeping all day on my days off work, with ear pain returning any time I don’t sleep many extra hours. Since I have no - or only low grade fever - and normal blood pressure, the doctors only prescribed allergy meds for me, which haven't helped my feelings of fatigue or the continual appearance of the pimples and slight itchiness I feel.

What I want to know, is what kind of doctor should I go to who will look at all these things together and give me a treatment that will actually help me return to feeling normal. I have been experiencing some symptom or another since just before Christmas, and this are clearly not normal allergy symptoms for me, nor has the prescribed treatments helped me.

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Hello~I would suggest seeing a chiropractor, mainly for your leg and hip pain, you may have some mis-aligned vertebrae and pinched nerves in your lower back which could be causing the on-going pain. He/she will take some x-rays, look them over and then discuss the results with you, a few adjustments should have the pain feeling a lot better.

As to the other symptoms, well, believe it or not, the chiro can help with those too, if the body is out of sync (out of alignment) a person can have allergies and other issues, it is amazing how so many health issues are related to the spine.

If there are any good naturopaths in your area, seeing one of them might be beneficial as well, they really delve deeply into health issues and can prescribe tests that other, conventional doctors don't even know of.
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