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his post was written by my sister:

I've had an undiagnosed condition for two years that is debilitating. Constant leg pain, twitching, leg stiffness, leg tightness, heavy etc. It feels like sitting or standing makes it worse; it's so bad ...
My legs buckle and feels like 10,000 lbs on your legs. Also feels like you ran 100 miles. How would it affect you overall? Would it cause other conditions (mentally) and change you/reality? Would you just 'accept ' it? Just b/c they don't find anything yet, can they still help you? (ONe doctor told me, "I'm not going to invent something just to treat you.." :/ )Have had nearly every medical test done, all negative. Might try for genetic testing, and applied for an Undiagnosed study. Any tips or ideas what to do?
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I think SassieLassie might be into something. I would recommend going to see an Interventional Radiologist or Vascular Surgeon to get checked for May-Thurner Syndrome. I have this condition and it can cause the same problems that they are having such as heavy/painful legs. Unfortunately not many doctors understand this condition so it is very under-diagnosed!
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I'm sorry you go through this as well. I will definitely tell my sister to look this up and see if this could by any chance be her condition. Thank you again.
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Hello~I am so sorry you are having these issues. Has the doctor checked you for Peripheral Artery Disease, blood clots in your legs, or any circulation issues? I know you said you have had all the medical tests but they haven't helped any.

I do have one suggestion, try seeing a chiropractor. You may very well have some pinched nerves in your lower back or some disc compression causing these issues, especially since you have had them for 2 years and tests are not confirming anything. The chiropractor will take some x-rays of your lower back, study them and then discuss the results with you. After a few treatments, the problems you are having should start to get better.
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Thank you Sassy... she did see a chiropractor but unfortunately it didn't aid her. He didn't take X rays though so maybe we can look into that again. I believe they ruled out PAD because her PCP said she had a strong pulse. So I think she had basically ruled it out that day. Thanks for y our ideas, I really appreciate it.
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