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What would you like to have happen in "Do It Yourself Doctoring"?

Most, if not all, of us diagnose and treat ourselves, as evidenced by the huge Over-The-Counter Drug market.  Yet, how efficient are we at this process?  I know I’m not.  If I had better tools and knowledge, I think I could diagnose and treat my own health conditions better.  

Here’s my Wish-List.  How about you?  What would you like to see happen in self-diagnosis and treatment?

1. A free computer-based one-stop Medical Advisor that would check more than just symptoms.  I’d like to see Symptom Checkers have the capability for the user to input Vital Signs, Diagnostic Test Results, and Health History.  Based on these inputs, the computer would give the user most probable Diagnoses.  The user then picks a diagnosis.  The computer would then give a personalized printed “prescription” for Over-The-Counter Medicines, Exercise, Diet, Treatments, etc. that might help the user’s condition.  Think of this as a “Super Symptom Checker”.   Examples of existing Symptom Checkers are WebMD, Medical Symptoms Database , Online Medical Symptom Checker , MSO Online Medical Symptom Checker , or Diagnosaurus, etc.

2. More home health tests and tools available openly on pharmacy shelves.  Examples – Home General Health Diagnostic Tests (e.g. CBC), Stethoscopes, etc. - plus how to use instructions.

3. Self-Service Health Kiosks in pharmacies that would include a computer-based Medical Advisor, basic medical testing capabilities, and where the user could provide health history on a removable memory card.

4. Health care professionals make free pre-recorded training sessions on how to diagnose and treat ourselves for common sicknesses.

For more information and diagram, please go to http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dswxq4k_19pz6xwk7x

Note - Do It Yourself Doctoring might be particularly helpful in situations below:
*  For those who just can't afford medical help, e.g. without insurance, particularly in this economy.
*  For those where there is no doctor nearby, e.g. developing countries, rural areas.
*  For those who want to have more a part of their healthcare, working alongside with their Doctor on their own. Checking up on their doctor. Second opinion. Etc.
*  For those doctors who want patients who are less dependent on them for common maladies.
*  For those whose doctor has given up on them and have no more answers.
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Oh I really agree with you, I have been misdiagnosed and given meds that make me sick so many times I have to go it alone,I look up everythiung on the internet and obviously cant cure all my woes and we have to get prescriptions,instead   I try the Natural herbal way.,also just got a book on Holistic health.
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