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What's the best sleeping position with neck pain and this problem?

Hi, I've been having neck pain for almost 2 weeks, went for a check up and the pain comes and goes, more like a spasm in my neck. I was given meds (muscle relaxant) and, for the first 3 days, all I did was sleep but on my 4th day, I stopped it because I couldn't breathe, it was making me feel exhausted, like extremely exhausted and I couldn't sleep but I felt so drained. I stopped taking any meds because of the side effect. I was asked to do an x-ray and saw that I have straightened cervical lordosis and trying to return its natural curve, I've searched and been doing neck exercises and hot compresss then massage for my neck but as for sleeping, they usually recommend you to put something on your neck but my body can't seem to be comfortable with it, my neck would start to hurt again and feel heavy when I do that, I sleep on my back with elevated pillow, I don't know how should I sleep with this neck pain.

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Hello~You are the perfect candidate for a chiropractor, they specialize in neck issues like yours. I would certainly make an appointment with you, after a few treatments, you should feel so much better.

I also suggest a good, cervical pillow, I sleep on one and can't sleep on anything else because if I do, my neck hurts. You can find them at fine department stores, or, again, the chiropractor can recommend one and possibly even order one for you.

I think between a good treatment and pillow, you should start feeling like a new person in no time.
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