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When should I stop isotetrinoin to see my dermatologist for worsening tinnitus?

Hi, I've just started taking isotretinoin 30 mg. per day. After taking the first pill, I've gotten ringing in my right ear and loud buzzing or roaring in the left. I've had ongoing tinnitus which I've been taking supplements for. I'm concerned because my tinnitus has always occurred only at night when I'm lying down and it has never been this loud and persistent throughout the day. Should I talk to my dermatologist about this, or should I stick to the medication for a few more days to see if the symptoms clear?
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Hello~I am sorry that you are experiencing Tinnitus, that is so annoying. I think it probably would be a good idea to contact the dermatologist and let him/her known, you possibly could be having a slight reaction to the drug and a change to a different one might be in order.
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