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Why am I Bruising Like a Rotten Apple?

So the past 2 years only in the warm months I get these bruises all over mostly on my legs. I googled it and all it said was your in the sun too much. I am very very fair I burst in to flames so the only sun I see is from under a parasol and at least SPF60. But without fail as soon as spring rolls around they start, them summer I am black and blue(about 40 bruises at once) then fall and they slow down and in winter they stop. I'm not really any more active in the summer as I have said I'm too fair to go out in the sun. I don't know what causes them and some of them can be very painful. Also no one wants to look like they just lost a round with Mike Tyson.
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Hello~It looks like you may have a deficiency of Vitamin C and Bio-flavonoids. If you are low on both, you will certainly bruise easily. These two vitamins are available in your local health food store, I would try some and see if they work. It will take about a week to start noticing some improvement.  I am not sure why you are just doing this in the summer though. I think I would ask your doctor or a dermatologist,.

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Ha, your post made me giggle. You burst into flames in the sun.  ha.  That's funny stuff!  But not funny that it happens.  So, this is only at certain times of year? That's strange. There are all sorts of reasons why someone randomly bruises and bruises easily.  Vitamin deficiency is a big one.   Do you have any medication changes around that tie of year?  Do you party more?  (liver issues can increase this as can alcohol consumption).  Most other things this is related to are not normally 'seasonal'.  When all of the deadly virus stuff blows over, I'd personally schedule a physical and talk about this issue with your doctor.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325525#causes   I guess most of the time it is not something to be concerned with beyond the aesthetics of it but you'd want to make sure that is the case for you.  Does self tanner help cover it?  I mean, they make some good ones now that don't turn you orange.   The one seasonal thing I've read about that can be related (possibly) is lupus.  With lupus, you can have low platelet count and sometimes anemia and I've read that many will get the bruising you describe during warmer months.  Would lupus be something at all that could be going on?  https://familydoctor.org/condition/lupus/  Here's an article that talks about some other things to look for with lupus:  https://www.healthline.com/health/lupus/early-signs

Let me know what you think!
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I dunno if it could be lupus I mean it's really the only symptom that can be explained by my hypothyroidism or hypopituairyism. I don't really party I'm 42 walking my dogs is a party to me. I am on a lot of medications for my other medical issues that I have been on for years so I don't think their responsible. I know I'm low of vitamin D I have been forever like I said flames and all so not a lot of sun for me. I had my liver and kidneys tested just over a month ago and he didn't call me so I'm guessing their normal. I did talk to my doctor about them hes just as clueless as I am as to why I get them only in the warm months. I've already started getting them I have a few on my left leg already. Mostly yes I just don't like looking as beat up. I haven't tried self tanner for one I love my fair skin I look like a porcelain doll and second I have eczema so they always look patchy AF.
Hm, that's interesting that you say that about hyperpituatary and hypythyroidism.  I've had both of those AND had an evaluation for Lupus during my 20's.  My only symptom at that time was the mask of pregnancy.  I still get that kind of facial pigmentation with the sun due to estrogen production.  I guess that is interesting to me and not so much to you and you may be askign why I meniton that.  ha.  Well, I think it is interesting. After the global pandemic settles down, I'd ask your doctor about this.  Just to rule it out.  Do you do anything for your thyroid?  

I do love lovely pale skin.  I also understand about bronzer. I don't have lovely pale skin but have never gotten bronzer to look normal in my life, no matter how much I spent on the bottle!  So, I just go with it.  How is your diet over all if you don't mind me asking.
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