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Why am I getting these headaches?

Hello. So for a while I kept getting these weird headaches almost everyday and they went away but I have one now. So it's a headache that feels like it numbs the left side of my face( only) and my left eye feels tingly and the area around it. It hurts on my upper left jaw and upper teeth. The pain and numbness is always on the left side when I get these headaches. Now, here is some background info- I just spent an hour driving to school and I have gotten them durin my drive to school before. I haven't had a lot of water to drink today... And I also find myself getting them while in class sometimes. It only affects the left side of my face. I thought it might be sinuses. I take mucinex and a nose spray everyday. I really haven't got them in a while until now. I don't know if it's dental related or for sitting for a long period of time.. I've also experienced them at work before and I'm always moving around at work. Any ideas of what could be causing this would be great. It's just so strange that it happens on the left side only. Eye. Jaw. Cheek. Under my eye and around my eye is tingly and sensitive. Informed my primary care doctor and the didn't know what it was. Told dentist in the past. I don't know what it is. It's uncomfortable
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I totally think you can be helped by a chiropractor, headaches are their specialty. I bet you have a pinched nerve in your cervical region (neck) and once you have an adjustment or two, you will be fine. It is sure worth looking into it, especially since you have asked your GP and dentist and neither can help you. Give it a try.
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I totally think you can be helped by a chiropractor. It sounds like  you have a pinched nerve in the cervical region (neck) and a couple of adjustments should get rid of the issue as headaches, etc are one of their area of expertise. It certainly will not hurt to try, especially since you have seen your GP and dentist and neither knows what to do.

Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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I found out what it was. Sinus headaches. They got so bad now I've got a sinus infection.. I thought it was a cluster headache or something. So many symptoms fit so many other diagnoses it's ridiculous
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