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Why am I so dizzy?

So 3 months ago in October, I started getting random quick spells of dizziness throughout my working day, the doctor was quick to pass it off as a viral thing an to take a week off work so I did and tried going back and the dizziness was getting worse. After that i saw a different doctor who said he thought it was Labrynthitis and to take another week off work so again, did that again and again tried going back to work and it was still getting worse. Over the last few months its got to a point where I had to leave my job because I just feel constantly drunk (is the only way to describe it). I cant go out the house for longer than an hour without the dizziness getting to a point where I feel like I'm going to pass out.

I had an MRI scan on my head on 5th which came back okay and I'm now being referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist so I have to wait to see them.

Along with the dizziness, I get motion sickness from not feeling balanced properly, I get so tired from trying to go and do something. I tried to go out for food with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and came home and crashed for 2 hours. It gets worse if I have less than 9 hours sleep a night.

Can someone help?!
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Have you had blood work to check iron, ferritin, Vitamin D & Vitamin B12?
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Yeah ive had blood taken twice and its come back completely okay
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Maybe you have anxiety? I say this BC I do and have been struggling with this for 10 months now. It all came completely out of the blue one day. I used to be outgoing and loved going out. Now I cannot have a job nor drive BC of my anxiety. I'm extremely light headed 24/7 and also fatigued 24/7 no matter how much sleep I get. Its hard to believe that it's all anxiety so I've gotten so much blood work done, mri's of my brain u name it I've had it all tested. So I'm assuming it has to all be anxiety. It literally takes over your life. I feel like a walking zombie everyday from it. I'm not saying that you 100% are struggling from anxiety, but I kinda have the same problems as you and that's what my problem is.
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Completely fine meaning you saw the results and labs were closer to mid range and not low normal?
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When you say completely ok...did you get a copy of the lab results?

We're the results in the low normal range?
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My doctor tried to put it down to anxiety before as well but I really dont feel that its that. I saw him yesterday and he said he's hoping the dizziness will just burn itself out. Ive got my referral to the ENT so I'm waiting for my appointment confirmation.

I didn't get a copy of tmy results, I had to ring up the surgery receptionist for my results but they said everything is fine and normal, thats all i got
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I understand what you're saying. I just know that my daughter and I had normal results in iron and she had normal results in Vitamin D. Problem is doctors don't usually worry if your are in normal range...even if it's low normal.
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He just said he hopes it burns itself out, my appointment for ENT is 13th april so im just gunna have to hope that finds something
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