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Why are my tonsils swollen?

I had strep throat about 2 weeks ago and they put me on antibiotics. I got better, but now my tonsils are swollen with white pus on them. They aren't sore at all. They are just swollen again and I don't know why. If any of you know, please let me know!!! thanks
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Although we can get oral thrush (fungal infection in the mouth), this would not present itself with white plaques on the tonsils.  Ask your doctor to arrange for you to have a swab taken from the mouth and throat so that it can be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Strep throat is a bacterial infection and antibiotics can kill off the bacteria that causes this.  Taking antibiotics can encourage yeast overgrowth, and if you do have a yeast infection in the mouth or in your genital area, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate antifungal medications to treat this.  Fungal infections can present themselves as just itchiness in the vaginal area and in the folds of the skin and on the inner thighs.  Fungal nfections can appear anywhere.

Mononucleosis (also know as the "kissing disease"  and also as "mono" and also know as glandular fever) is a viral infection and if your tonsil problem is caused by that, the antibiotics will not have any effect.  My son had this and he too had swollen tonsils and white plaques on the tonsils.  His tonsils were so enlarged he had difficulty breathing.  He eventually recovered.  

The other cause of the swollen tonsils and the white plaques can also indicate that your tonsils are ill and diseased.

Make an appointment to see your doctor to get a swab done to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.  Your doctor will also give you advice with regard to the swollen tonsils.  He may suggest leaving it for a few weeks to see if they recover or refer you to see an Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist who will examine your throat and decide whether to leave things as they are for now or whether you need to have your tonsils removed.

The swelling of the tonsils and the white pus may be indicative of a condition called "quincy".

My daughter at the age of 17 kept getting lots of tonsil infections and her tonsils were very large - the consultant decided that she had to have them removed.

In the meantime, gargle with salty water.  Drink plenty of fluids - hot lemon water with honey is very soothing and honey also aids in healing.

Take pain relief medications as directed on the packet or as prescribed by your doctor if your tonsils get painful.  The salty gargle will also help.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes.
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If you have no pain in your tonsils then you need not worry. My feeling is that they will gradually settle down and get smaller.
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hi.. the cause is fungal diseases so you are supposed to visit  a clinic and you will be given medicatio. or you may get bactrim tab, or  nystatin oral.
soon you will get healed.
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