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Why do I have breathing problems?

Am 21, 170cm/100kg, no pre-existing heart conditions, no history of high blood pressure or lung abnormalities. Have chronic sinusitis. On December 27th I started being actively aware of my pulse. Seemed to be too fast, although never went above 72bpm. The following few weeks it would aggravate during exercise. No other symptoms were present. Started on potassium+sodium and barbitals, followed by mydocalm and arcoxia to relieve possible muscle spasm. Symptoms improved and I almost have no problems with them now. About mid-January difficulty breathing started. About mid-February it got aggravated to sensation of lump in throat, throat tightness and manual breathing. Sleeping is a big issue: trouble falling asleep due to discomfort in throat + sometimes I think (?) I stop breathing right before falling asleep, causing me to panic and have a strange sensation of eardrums being sucked it. Once I fall asleep, I sleep without breaks and do not feel short of breath during night/in the morning. Once wake up in the morning usually cannot go back to sleep because of throat discomfort but no other breathing problems present. No history of allergies. No abnormal sounds in lungs after check by pulmonologist. Lung function test came out clear. Bronchodilator test clear. Oxygen saturation 99%. Two EKGs clear. Chest X-Ray clear. ENT check clear except medication-induced rhinitis (addicted to xylometazoline). Blood test revealed slightly elevated white blood cell count (all done mid-March) mid-Jan — early-Feb had a flu and a stomach-flu (39.5 C fever during latter). Fully recovered. Later March started falling sick again. Antibiotics improved condition including breathing problems. Once stopped them it reverted to worse. Have a bunch of other symptoms like periodically throbbing liver which can be painful to touch but it comes and goes. Please tell me what it is as the doctors have no clue and I'm really depressed/anxious/panicking :(
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Hello~So many of your symptoms sound stress/ anxiety related, the fact that when you sleep and don't have the breathing issues is a clue to it could be anxiety related as the other symptoms as well. You are obviously very "in-tune" to your body and feelings and this is also causing you to feel every little thing that is occurring.

I suggest maybe starting a good, high potency B complex, this is the "nerve" vitamin and can help with stress. Also, there is a good book by Dr Clare Weekes called "Hope and Help For Your Nerves" it is the best book I have found for coping with anxiety and symptoms, I believe it is still obtainable through Amazon.com.
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