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Why do I smell like poo & methane?

Around wintertime 2O16, I noticed my workplace (a small area -- not big, like a warehouse) smelled like poo sometimes. I assumed something gross (a dead rodent, chemicals in the air, actual faces perhaps) was somewhere in the building and the cleaners didn't know where. Then I started noticing that my bra would be soaked in sweat (I'm a waitress and break out in a sweat from the physical demands of my job) and would have a musty, musky, mild smell of farts when I got home. I asked my roommate to smell me after work one day, but she didn't smell it. I read that sweat smells when it comes in contact with bacteria on your skin, so I started bathing with anti-bacterial soap and wiping my breasts with LYSOL wipes to kill any bacteria but I still have the problem. I have never had any other issue with B.O in my life -- not even after hitting up the gym! Now at work, colleagues say things like "did someone step in dog poo on their way to work?" "who passed gas?". I've really begun to think I'm what smells.

A year has passed since noticing this. The other day, I was sitting with a colleague and she commented "it smells like poo" and another colleague agreed, but I couldn't smell it at all. I'm worried that I've gone "nose blind" to the smell.

In addition to the "poo smell," I feel like I'm beginning to smell gas leaks (methane) everywhere -- at work, in my kitchen at home, at the grocery store. My colleagues and roommate don't smell it in the workplace/at home. I'm wondering if the two types of "gas" smells are connected. Though I feel like the poo smell comes from my body, I don't yet feel like the methane smell does (though it might be) -- I just feel that my nose is super sensitive to picking up on it. Also, when I pass gas, it has a strong methane smell.

I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 10 years (I ate eggs & dairy, but no meat, no fish). I was worried that my unusual vegetarian diet that was very high in sugar, carbs, and dairy was causing an issue my intestines. I thought it may be a yeast infection in my intestines because I've experienced 12 super mild vaginal yeast infections over the past 15 months -- which is an outrageous amount! I reintroduced meats into my diet 6 months ago, but the smells have not gone away. I'll probably go back to being a vegetarian if it's not the cause of the problem.

I also had really bad anal itching last winter, and a google search suggests this is the number one sign of a pinworm. The itching has gone away -- haven't had it in about 9 months now -- but I'm still wondering if I may have a parasite of some sort.

I've had blood work done and it can't back fine. I'm going to submit a stool sample this week to test for a parasite. I'm also going for a colonic this weekend to flush out some backed up poo -- maybe I'll see some parasites flush out, too.

Some quick facts about me in case it helps: female, 24, have had a slow metabolism my whole life (my normal rate of bowl movements has ranged from as slow as once a week to as frequent once every 2 days -- once a day has never been a thing for me).
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