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Why does it feel like theres something stuck in my throat?

25 year old male, who has been having problems with the feeling of food stuck in throat. I cant tell if its something to do with allergies or acid reflux. I am pretty sure its one or the other, but i could be totally wrong!

I've had this feeling off and on for about 6months.. Its worse when i eat pasta,meat, bread. For example as i am typing this out, i just ate kraft dinner (pasta) and it feels like the pasta is either stuck or taking an awful long time to get all the way down and i belch ALOT too.I sleep with a fan all year long and i sleep with my mouth open. my throat is a little sore today, with itchy palate(roof of my mouth). but my allergies are bad now but only in august... and like i said this problem has been happening for awhile.

I've read it could be acid reflux issues(i do have acid coming up but not alot of heartburn).. or something as simple as a build up of mucus from post nasal drip.

What i think is a good thing is.. the feeling comes and goes. it may come for a few days and then go away for a week... If it was constant then i would be worried. Any help would be great!

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You need your throat stretched out.  They do it with an endoscope.  Pretty simple. The valve tightens as acid eats at it over the years.  You can have acid reflux and not even know it.  
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really ive never heard of that before
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Sounds like acid reflux.
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Do you eat fast and not chew your food well? that will give you that feeling! also drink fluids after eating.
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I have noticed i do eat fast but not enough to think it was a problem!...When i was a kid my dad would always tell me to slow down and chew my food and i would never listen... i would suppose over the time it would cause throat and acid problems?....

Its weird though i feel pretty good today. Well its only 9am here and i just started my day but my throat feels alot better...Its like the food finally went down, or at least it seems that way I did this morning caugh up some mucus, i dont know if thats allergy related? acid reflux or both?.. Also just to mention and it sound kind of gross but its reality ...is that my bowel movements and weight are normal. I have read that some people loose alot of weight and i would assume dont have normal bowel movments... But with me everything seems normal so i must be digesting food, i guess its just slowly making its way down there or i am just loosing it? lol
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You could have a hiatal hernia, this in turn can cause the acid reflux. If you have a hiatal hernia, it can press up through the diaphragm and this can cause the feeling you are experiencing.  Also, first thing every morning, drink some warm water, as it is going down the throat, jump up and down, this will help the hernia to slide back down. Oh, also try some aloe vera juice, 2 ounces a day.
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