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Why is it still numb

So I had surgery on my Tibia-fibula in march. Broke both of them, did not go through skin. just normal break, broke across. I also tore a ligament, I do not know which Ligament. So, 9 months later, I still don't have full feeling. It still fells numb when I touch it. It has a more nervy feeling. I do not know what they gave me exactly, but I do know they gave me a pain blocker shot, and I was put under before surgery. So if someone could possibly explain why I might not have full feeling yet, it would be great. Could the doctor of messed up? The doctor is known to be good, so I would be amazed if he did. He put a plate and 9 screws in, going up my ankle-leg.
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During the surgery he probably cut a nerve(s), which is not uncommon and is by no means neglect or your doctor messing up. Remember that nerves due cover your entire body. This also happened to me, my wife and my daughter when we had our surgeries.

As Jemma1116 stated "You may get the "normal feeling" back" and that it could take a long time to do so.

But please keep in mind that you might not. My wife has a spot on her knee where she has no feeling, my daughter did regain or had all of her "feelings" go back to normal, but it did take over a year. As for me when you touch one spot on my head another spot will itch.
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When you undergo any operation, then the skin is cut and that could also cause trauma to any surrounding nerves.  

You may get the "normal feeling" back, but this could take a very long time.
9 months is still early days.  

It is always worth discussing your concerns with the surgeon if you are still under his care, or your doctor just to make sure that everything is healing fine.
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