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Why is my body aching all over?

The last couple of days I've suddenly started to get very odd aches and pains in random parts of the body.  My elbows ache, or my upper arms ache, or my knees or hips.  My knee pain is most pronounced when sitting down and elbow pain is also worse when doing nothing.  It all seems to stem from when I was at work sat under the Aircon outlet in the office which was putting out really cold air! None of the joints are red or look inflamed.  Any ideas? Thanks
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Hello~I know this was posted in September, but for the sake of others that might read this, I will give my opinion. Your aches and pains could be the start of a cold or virus, sitting under the a/c could certainly bring one on. Also, some arthritis can be flared by cold air. Do you have fibromyalgia? This also could be a cause. If it continues, then seeing a GP would be the next course of action to take.

I hope you found a cause for the issue and that you are doing well.

Just a quick correction: sitting under an air conditioner and getting cold does not cause one to catch a cold or the flu. Colds and flu are spread by viruses, not air conditioners.
While colds and flu are spread by viruses, having a run-down immune system can also make a person more susceptible to getting ill, so, in a way, being in a draft would cause one to get sick as it is wearing the body's immune system down due to stress of trying to keep the body warm.
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The cold air could weaken his immune system only if he got hypothermia or frostbite from it.
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