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Whybdoes my jaw and Right behind my earlobe hurt

Mine feels just like that but my syptoms are ear fullnes like i have a lot of ear wax or something witch i clean my ears quite often even with proxide sometimes ( heard it cleans out earwax, to behonest hasnt done me much justice but i do it anyway) but anothwr differance is that it hurts right behind my earlobe onto my jaw and hurts when i swallow and the feeling of ear fulness is also very aggrivating ad annoying , startingto feel like it could turn into a earache also simularitys to stiff neck ,for some odd reason it hurts when i turn my neck not of stffness quite yet but when i turn my neck left or right especially when i yawn or cough is this something that will go away naturly or do i have to get antibiotics ??? Appreciate all of the responses - Thank you
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Debrox is a good product for cleaning out ear wax. It's over the counter and you just follow the instructions on the box.  We also have a tube in there that can have issues and dysfunction and give these symptoms. You can try to hold your nose and blow which will pop them and do it several times to see if it helps.  Sometimes antihistamines help like claritan.  Or see your doctor to diagnose.  And also, right behind our ear are lots of tiny muscles.  they an get stiff and ache.  good luck
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