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Will I complately Recover from a puncture wound on my knuckle?

Three days ago, I lacerated and punctured an area between my middle finger and that knuckle when a screwdriver slipped. It bled profusely. I went to an emergency clinic where they gave me a Tdap vaccination and put a stitch in the laceration and wrote a prescription for Cephalexin and told me to put ice in it for 20 minutes on and 20 off several times a day. It swelled up considerably.

The next day the swelling had gone down, but the area is extremely painful to open and close my hand and the middle finger has contracture down and to the left.

I went to my PCP and she didn't seem too concerned and said to come back in a few days  and she would remove the stitch. My question is how long will this be painful and will my finger ever have normal flexure?
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Hello~for a laceration that deep that requires stitches, it will probably take awhile for all stiffness and pain to go away. It should start getting better in a week or so.
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very possible soft tissue injuries have much more chances of recovering without issues within 10 days it has to show great improvements. unless there is an infection which can be [prevented by antibiotics
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