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Will I ever get over this CMV?

At the time I didn't know why I was so fatigued at 20 years old. I had been someone who constantly over exercised and was quite stressed so I figured it was due to that. Unfortunately I didn't use a condom with the first person I slept with and caught Cmv. I had the normal flu like symtoms but never truly rested continued to exercise had to go to work etc and I'm wondering if because of that I'm not able to get over it. Since then I've gained about 20lbs which I can't lose I've also lost so much energy. I'm about to be 22 and it's greatly affecting my life even socially. I'm not the same bubbly person I was with lots of energy. Now it's so hard to get through the day and it's so hard to sleep. I think with the stress of this virus it messed up my hormones even more therefore I'm suffering from high cortisol, dry skin, and a lot more hair loss with hollow under eyes all of which I haven't had before. At a young age I'm very sad. Plus I was so active and now I barley have energy to get up in the morning and I eat a very healthy diet. It's truly stripped away the person that I was and I'm not able to go back to my true self. Now everyone wonders why the once energetic person I was is constantly sleeping and not doing anything with my life. I've been to an infectious disease drs and plenty of doctors all whom have told me I'm depressed. When I'm not! Maybe now I am a little but I'm so tired! That's depressing. For the most part I've been taking herbs for my immune system which is probably why my lymphnodes aren't swelled and I really don't show many signs of the virus except on blood work and fatigue.

With much research I've been taking laurcidin for less than a week and all of the sudden I'm getting horrible flu like symtoms my lymphnodes are like rocks and my thinking is more clear but I still don't feel like myself. It's just crazy how doctors are so quick to say it's depression.

I just want to know if this will ever go into remission. I've been so depressed because I have no energy it's different if your a person who doesn't exercise etc but I was a very active happy person all around and now even chores are hard and I'm so young. Going to college is even harder as I kept falling asleep and the same goes for work. I just don't know how I'm going to do it and I don't want to resort to medicine. It's taken everything from me. Not only did I leave a bad situation from the first guy I was with but it stripped my life from me as well. I hope that there is some hope as it has been nearly 2 years with nothing getting better.
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