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Will L-Arginine-Ornithine make me grow taller?

I am 16, and I'm 6'5". I have been looking into vitamins that will cause HGH levels to increase and for myself to grow a few inches taller and I have found people recommending pills that combine Arginine and Ornithine. I have found one product labeled L-Arginine-Ornithine. Each two (2) capsules provide: L-Arginine (1000 mg.), L-Ornithine (500 mg.) and Chromium Picolinate (6.2 mcg.). Do you think this will make me grow taller?
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While body builders have been using L-Arginine-Ornithine for years as a means to stimulate growth hormone release (for muscle building), ingesting these supplements could only help you grow taller - IF - your present height is a result of a nutritional deficit causing low HGH levels. And even that is not a guarantee.

The most important thing you can do to attain the height your genetic potential has given you is proper diet and sleep. Eat a well balanced diet including the right amount of protein. Also, recent studies have shown that carbohydrates before bed time will inhibit HGH release. Sleep must occur while the body is actually ready for sleep – at night. Going to bed at 2 AM and sleeping until noon will cut into the time your body normally makes HGH.

Sleep in the dark and be awake in the light...

Finally, remember that physical size is not the measure of a person’s worth. There is nothing wrong with not being built like a super model – most women aren’t (Thankfully!). Focus on inner beauty if you seek happiness. Knowledge that becomes wisdom is superior to all other attributes for which you could strive.
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Thanks for the help :) much appreciated... as well as the confidence boost :D
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