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Worried about a small finger injury

I know I might be a little paranoid here but I heard that small hand and finger injurys could become very bad. I got a tiny stab wound by a wood shishkabob stick right on the underside of my knuckle joint of my pointer finger. It drew less than a drop of blood but over the course of the day, my finger got sore. I will continue to monitor but any info I can get would be really helpful.
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If I told you how many cuts, scrapes and pokes I've gotten on my hands!  From gardening, to being the family chef to just doing things around the house, hundreds.  They heal like any other wound on your body.  There is no extra danger from having a small wound on your finger than on your leg, back or face.  No big deal.  Put some Neosporin on it and call it a day.  It will heal. good luck
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Ok, thanks!
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Probably not a big deal, but I got a finger infection from a manicure once and was really worried also.  It swelled up and was pretty sore.   I soaked it several times a day in warm salt water, and it took the infection away.
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I actually had that too but that is because the salon's manicure tools were not properly cleaned and sterilized.  Salons can get in big trouble for this.  A normal manicure or cut would not cause an issue.  I was on vacation when my finger blew up (thumb)and had to go to a doctor in the city we were in.  They tapped my fingernail to let the puss out and I took antibiotics.  But if this happens (and it is rare), you know.  You'll have swelling and pain that is very different than a wound healing.  My whole finger was swollen.  Overall, that is rare and based on where it was verses every day cuts and scrapes to the surface of a finger. Those manicure infections hurt, don't they?!  Kind of ruined y vacation!  But you make a good point to look for signs of infection that might happen rarely but still . . . good to know about.
The whole tip of my finger was swollen, and I'm sure it was from poorly sanitized equipment.  I didn't have insurance at the time.   The salt water soaks actually worked very well - but that doesn't mean they'll always work!
It's amazing how much that hurts, doesn't it?  I had one thumb that was quite large compared to the other.  We were walking around on vacation and my husband is like look at that, look at this and I was like "look at my freaking thumb!".  lol.  Glad the salt water worked for you!  I called my doctor at home and I had red streaking on the thumb too along with the swelling and pain and they said I needed to go get checked.   The doctor had a little hand drill thing that he drilled into my nail.  I kid you not, pus spouted out like a Fawcett.  It was disgusting but my husband thought it was cool!  ha ha. I almost immediately felt better.  The salt water probably drained it!  I'm a fan of a salt water bath or soak!  :>)))
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Puncture wounds don't tend to bleed to badly unless you hit some type of larger vessel. There are two worries you should have with this injury: tetanus and infection.

If the wood stick was outside or had exposure to dirt, and you haven't had a tetanus booster in the past 10 years, I would go get one. It's a VERY slim possibility, but a booster shot will then cover you for 5-10 years in the future anyway. No loss.

If the wound starts to get red, hot, swollen, more painful to the touch, or the joint gets hard to move, go see a doctor. An infection is very treatable, but if not observed and it worsens you don't want it to start involving that knuckle joint. No sir!

All in all, you're probably OK. Wash the area, bleed it a bit if you have to, and then put neosporin on it with a bandage.
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