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Yellow balls in stool?

Growing up I have always had problems going poop. I'm 20 and still get constipated on a regular basis. I was recently told I am allergic to the protein in milk (don't know if that's useful)
Today I pooped for the first time in a week. GONNA GET GRAPHIC sorry. I had diarrhea, smelled really bad. But this time I noticed a white yellowish ball (looked like a mini chicken egg just round) floating in the toilet. I made a scoop out of the toilet paper and took it out. It had some mucus surrounding it, but wasn't squishy or transparent. When I applied pressure to it, it broke open and had what looked similar to cottage cheeses powder stuff. The ball thing was the size of a new pencil eraser.
I have a history of gallbladder issues if that helps.
What is this egg like thing? I'm worried it could be something serious.
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Well, sometimes the bile from the gall bladder can make stools come out green or yellowish. But if this was really yellow it may be due to the pancreas not making enough enzyme to break down the food properly. You might want to get your lipase and amylase checked to see if you have the right amounts of those enzymes. Do you often have floating stools? And weight loss? If so you could have mal absorption syndrome where you don't absorb your food well due to not breaking down your food right.  If you don't have the floating fatty stools (all the time) the maybe have a non fat plant based diet  might help you. It is basically a vegan diet with no added fat when cooking (you add water instead of oil) and lots of whole grains veggies and fruits. The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall is a good book to read about diet and understanding why it is healthy to eat this way if you are interested. It has helped a lot of people with digestive problems, type II diabetes and cholesterol problems. Hope this helps. There is also an online free website that has a similar diet plan you can try, and other information at drmcdougall.com I have been on this diet for about a year and a half  and it has helped with cholesterol issues and blood pressure. Since you can't eat milk the diet doesn't have milk products and you can eat vanilla soy or almond milk instead.
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