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a very long epiglottis

Hi my daughter who is 6 years old has had a chronic cough for 2 months now..  Her doctor think its asthma and put her on singulair.  It didn't work.  Took her back she was only breathing 75 percent.  Then he gave her a inhaylor and asthma cough medicine for night still not working..  Last week I open up her throat and have noticed  something in her throat.  Guess what i found was a very long epiglottis almost touching that other hangy ball thing in her throat.  What is also weird is this thing is curled(very curled at the tip).  One doc told me he has never seen one that was so visible like that.  He asked me what did her pediatrician think.  My question is could this be causing her very bad coughing all day long and snoring that sounds like a 200 pound man at night.  She also makes these weird goulping noising and then she chokes when she snores. I don't know what to do... I think she is diffently having problems due to this long epiglottis..  And sometimes coughs up white mucus like the color of white paint.. I hope to god this think did not cause her stridor when she was younger and now causing her signs of heart failure

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Hi there Jill81,  i was just wondering if you ever managed to get to the bottom of this - ive noticed in my 27 month old this evening something like which you have described its like a small curled (at the sides) tongue in the back of her throat i saw it whilst she was screaming (happily) its worrying me a bit as well as she has started to cough a little bit over the past couple of days nothing major just and not all the time but on and off coughing dryly.  She did suffer for a while ago with persistant coughing in the night to the point of almost heaving and they also gave her a non-steriod inhaler to help her with this.  I was just wondering if this is something i need to be concerned about or not or whether it is something that toddlers have in general?  I hope you can help  Thanks  Felicity
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I have a 5 year old daughter that had her tonsils removed about 6 months ago. She has been struggling to swallow lately, she almost gulps. I looked at her throat tonight and I too saw the exact thing you both have mentioned - small curved, cobra like "tongue" - did anyone ever get any feedback on this? I will take her to the doctor next week but I am getting concerned about her airways.
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Hi jill.
my friend has an extremely long epiglotis. she went to the doctor and they said it was a maggot that had got stuck whilst she was licking sheep. has your daughter been licking sheep? if so this could be why.
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