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abnormal labs

I am age 50, and have a 12 year history of Borderline high serum calcium levels usually around 10-10.2(range 8.6-10.3), and on a few occasions several years ago a 10.3.  My pcp has never commented it as abnormal.  However, on my most recent labs, the calcium level came in at 10.4, and she finally commented.  A repeat labs done 13 days later revealed a calcium level of 11.1 with a pth intact of 18(range 16-77), and then a referal to endo.  Endo ordered a large amount of tests with s suspicion of non parathyroid related hypercalcemia.  His test results done 10 days later are:  serum calcium down to 10.2(8.6-10.3), ionized ca= 5.4(4.8-5.6), 24hr urine high at 469(55-300), intact pth 19(16-77),serum creatine 1.36 (0.7-1.36) w egfr  63(,60 abnormal), cystatin c 0.92(0.52-1.23) w egfr=90(<60 is abnormal), Vit D, 25-oh  38(30-100), calcitrol says vitd1,25(oh)2  68 (18-72), VitD3 1,25(OH)2 68, and VitD2 1,25(0H)2 ,< 8.  serum phosphorus 3.5(2.5-4.5), normal cbc, urine immunofixation is nml, blood immunofixaiton is nml, blood epg is normal, random urine protein electrophoresis nml,  kappa/lambja ligght chain nml, no M spikes, sreum proten is 6.8(6.1-8.1), albumin(4.6(3.6-5.1), globulin 2.2(1.9-3.7).  I dont have the parathyroid like protein test, but I am very concerned I have cancer for that was on top of differential.   Any help would be apprecaited
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Hello~I think that this question would be best to ask your GP, we are not trained doctors or nurses so we really aren't at liberty to diagnose.
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I understand that the community are not trained doctors, I was just seeing if anybody else had a similar experience.  Thank You

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