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anemia? or something else?

I gave birth 6 months ago, and since then I've had the following problems, and instead of slowly getting better, they seem to just be getting worse:

*My periods are insanely heavy (soaking a super plus tampon AND a maxi pad every hour for at least 6 days), they used to be very light
*I am cramping so badly I end up doubled over, or throwing up from pain - never had a cramp in my life before 6 months ago
*I have not had one solid bowel movement
*I am bruising like a peach!  I can simply bump into something and end up with a bruise that won't go away for weeks - I wake up every morning with bruises I cannot explain.
*I can't fall asleep, once I get to sleep I'm golden, but I will lay in my bed with the lights off until at least 5am every night wide awake
*I'm having a hard time focusing, when normally I'm a very focused person
*I'm sore EVERYWHERE.... 90% of the time I feel like I just walked away from a car accident
*I've been having random dizzy spells
*I've been getting sick for no reason, I feel fine one minute, I'm throwing up violently the next, and then I'm fine again.
*I've lost WAY too much weight.  I don't excercise regularly, save for random walks around the block.  I eat healthy, and steadily throughout the day eating only a large meal in the early evenings, and usually in the mornings.  I've eaten this way my entire life, I have not changed my eating habits one bit in the past six months.  My appetite has decreased lately, but I still try to eat the same.  I'm 5'9", I gave birth to an 8lb 2oz baby six months ago - I now weigh 114lbs.  I haven't weighed below 118 since I was in 9th grade!  
*if I have even a minor scrape or cut it won't heal for weeks.  I accidentally scratched a bug bite raw nearly a month ago, and if I scratch it at all it will start bleeding -still.

I'm just not sure what to do here.  my insurance got switched recently and my new PCP can't get me in for another month, but I can't take much more of this!  At least an idea of what is going on would help ease my mind, hopefully.  Thanks.
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I also forgot to add that I've had terrible night sweats as well.  Never had those before either.  I live in Florida, normally I won't sweat unless it's nearly 100 degrees outside.  my house is at a constant 72 and I can't even sleep with a sheet.
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