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armpit lump

I am a 32 yof. Sometimes my airpit will swell up. I woke up this morning and my armpit was swollen and i have a lump there. This has happened before and i always goes away. It is sore. I am really scared and i am unsure of what to do. I work a demanding job as a police officer and it is impossible to get into a dr for a few days. It hurts into the right side of my neck. That is the same arm that is swollen.
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I often have this happen .....usually when I've been shaving with a razor that hasn't been changed in awhile.  I find it helps if I change my razors more frequently and cleanse my armpits daily with an antibacterial soap.

I'm no doctor, but I'd say that a lump that stays there and grows larger is something that's more concerning than a swelling that comes and goes.  If your worry persists and/or the swelling gets worse (or doesn't go away in a few days), then I'd suggest making an appointment with your doctor.

Good luck!!
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I have had a boil under my arm.  It started the same way but continued to swell for about a week then popped and oozed until the core came out then healed.  This was very painful.  After that a few times I thought I was getting another one but it settled down and never happened again.  

Hope this helps.
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This happened to me 30 years ago. I discovered that I was allergic to certain deodorants. I switched to Clinque, which is hypo-allergenic. No problems since. I also do not use deo soaps, like Dial.
HOpe your cure is simple.I would see your DR ASAP, it could be lots of things.
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omg i have same problem as i speak right now i saw the lump under my armpit smh lord jesus i am scare i also shave from alot  cause hair underarm grow fast i shave it alot i have this feeling armpit lump could be the problem
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