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before i go to the ER

my neck has gotten continuosly more painful since three mornings ago..i thought id slept wrong and it would go away but it is so bad now that i cant turn my head left or carry my purse on my left arm...also whether it is or is not related i was bittwn by something on that side too...this hurts a lot and my glands are now selled bad under my left ear...could someone help me figure out what this couldbe
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It may be that the symptoms you have are an allergic reaction to the bite/sting and you will require an antihistamine.  

Should the doctor suspect that the swollen glands are a bacterial infection, you would be prescribed with an antibiotic.
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See a good chiropractor, I would say you have misaligned vertebrae in your neck and the pain is radiating to your arm, etc. A few good adjustments, you will be as good as new.
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