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blood clots

I have abnormal periods. An ive been having a period like every other week, an they been lasting bout 5-10 days every time. This period I started on Monday I had a blood clot size of a grape days after they been the size of peas, ive never had blood clots that size before. I'm just wondering even should I start getting scared, an what should I do???
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Abnormal periods are cause enough to go to a gynecologist. There are several causes to this, like hormonal imbalances and things like polycystic ovary syndrome.

The blood clots are probably not something that would cause too much concern, but I'd bring it up with your doctor either way. That said, be aware that in your period, you're not only shedding blood, but also the endometrium, which isn't so much the lining of your ovaries as it is the lining of your uterus. So perhaps not all those "blood clots" are exactly clots, but could be bits of other tissue. Still... bring it up with your doctor of choice. I would really suggest visiting the doctor soon, as bleeding that frequently likely isn't normal.
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Do not worry its the lining of your ovaries. I too get it at times. All you can do is to keep yourself clean by changing your pads or tampoons at regular intervals.
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