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cartilage ear bump

I have a cartilage build up bump on the outer edge of my ear where a piercing used to be.  It is not infected, it is just a big bump where my skin and cartilage has tried to grow over my piercing when I had it in.  The piercing is now out of my ear.  I have been rubbing Jojobas oil on it for two weeks and nothing.  Can I numb it up with ice and cut it off?  Will that cause a bad reaction with the rest of my ear cartilage?  I have some salicylic acid/aquaphilic ointment, can I use that to "kill' the bump? what should I do? I want my ear to look normal again.
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could be keloids due to piercing. do not try and remove yourself go to a specialist. Hope this helps.
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Hello, I agree with gymdandee.  Your doctor needs check the area and be the one to remove it should it need removing.  Do not try to cut it off yourself because you do not have sterile equipment at home and can get an infection and you may need antibiotics after the treatment to prevent infection and only your doctor can prescribe them.   Have A Nice Night!
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play it safe and see your doctor
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