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chest pain

i felt tired and went to bed with my dog lying beside me. when i woke i had bad cough and bad pains on the right side of my chest, and im finding it hard to breath. an ambulance was called they run some tests but said my sats were fine and they couldnt see what was wrong. i still feel the same today. i had no signs of a cough before i went to sleep.
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You know my hubby went through this about a year ago. They took an xray and found the linning around his lungs were swollen. They perscribed him high doses of Ibuprofen. Maybe call your doc and ask him or her to do a xray. Sometimes stats dont tell us everything. Well a lot of the times they dont. They only tell us if your breathing in enough air and what your blood pressure is and your heart rate. So they really didnt do enough.
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Sounds like you inhaled some dog hair or dog dander whilst sleeping.
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