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heart attach ,stroke... every major thing has simple signs and symptoms how can I know if I am in danger ?if every major and minor thing has almost like same symptoms ?
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You are asking questions that have a very broad possibilty of answers, each of which could be right.  Would you please be more specific, then we will be more that happy to give you our advice! :-)  Blessings - Blu
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go see a doctor.
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thank you for helping and sorry  I am confused too ,, I think I just didn't organize whats on my mind
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This is from a Reader's Digest:  Road Signs - Knowing a Woman's Heart Attack Symptoms May Save Your Life:
Acute chest pain can be part of a heart attack; other more common signs include:
- An ache, burning, pressure, fullness or "squeezing" in the chest that may radiate to the back, jaw, shoulder blades or arm.
-  Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, but without feeling any chest pain.
-  Nausea or dizziness, but without feeling any chest pain
- Cold sweats and paleness
- Unexplained anxiety, weakness or sudden extreme fatigue.
- Indigestion
       If any of these symptoms are present the person experiencing them should stop all activity immediately and lie down.  If symptoms persist for more than two minutes, it's important to call 911.  Explain to the operator that the problem may be a heart attack and then follow the instructions carefully until medical help arrives.

     I hope this information is helpful.  If I find the info on stroke, I will post it on here.
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thank you so much ,, :)
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According to the book: The Encyclopedia of Common Diseases: Little strokes usually happen before an actual stroke.  "Here are some of he many known symptoms of the little stroke: acute indigestion which does not seem to be related to any overindulgence in food or eating any food that disagrees; temporary weakness in one leg which occurs suddenly when one awakes in the morning; sudden unexplained clumsiness of one hand; mental or nervous disability that is all out of proportion to the little stomach or chest pain that may be there;  a nervous breakdown or queer group of symptoms that come on suddenly - on one day; a sudden dizzy spell; a blackout or a fall after which the patient shows changes in character or ability to work; sudden drops in a formerly high blood pressure; sudden spells of crying unaccompanied by any feeling of sadness; sudden changes in handwriting or composing sentences in a letter; difficulty in finding words to express oneself; sometimes difficulty in swallowing so that food will go down "the wrong way" and cause choking; the saliva may be thick and ropy, some may drool out of the corner of the mouth; burning of the tongue or mouth, bad taste in the mouth, especially if it occurs only on one side; a burning of the skin or scalp or a feeling of extreme heat or cold on skin or scalp; in rare cases sudden blindness in one or both eyes or even seeing double for a day or two.
     A sudden pain shooting down through the chest is surely cause to suspect a stroke if there is no shortness of breath or heart difficulty when walking.  Sudden brief attacks of nausea and vomiting may be little strokes.
        There are so many other symptoms too numerous to mention.  I do hope you do not diagnose yourself with this information.  If you truly have a problem, see a doctor.  Sometimes we read information like this and we think we have had little strokes when we haven't.  For instance, I have horrible heartburn and stomach aches, headaches and body aches - and they are NOT little strokes.  These strokes are more common in elderly people and not very likely to happen to young people.  - If you are gleaning this information because you take care of an elderly person, watch the person carefully.  (I take care of my 94-year old mother).
       Take your vitamins, probiotics, good supplements and you should live a long and healthy life.  Don't forget prayers to God.  He comforts us when we're stressed and as the ultimate life-giver, he knows us through and through.  He even knows how many hairs we have on our heads! Matthew 10:30  "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Therefore have no fear; you are worth more than many sparrows."
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