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I have never tested high on a blood glucose test.  Recently when I had a stomach virus and thought my sugar might be low because I was feeling shaky my blood sugar tested 154.  Does this ever happen due to sickness when you're not really a diabetic?
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I think that you should consider anything you have eaten or drank before the testing. Even Gatoraid can make your sugar go up. Also being sick can alter your test results.
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Hello Penny~I have had the same thing happen. About a month or so ago, I had a bad tummy virus, I was so sick with diarrhea, I checked my blood sugar thinking it would be low, but, it was 148!!!! I could not believe it, and it was around 4 in the morning. I had taken some tums, and they are loaded with sugar, but, that had been about 2 hours, so, even though that could have raised it some, I don't believe it would have been that much.

To answer your question, yes, sickness can sure contribute to blood sugar levels, especially if you are prone to higher levels. I am not a diabetic either, I normally have very good fasting levels and even after I eat, they are good, but, my doctor said that being sick, upset, anxious, can all raise the numbers, the reason, extra cortisol is being released into the blood stream and cortisol raises the blood sugar, fairly fast at times I might add.

If you do a "google" search on blood sugar, you will find a lot of helpful info on it, plus, we have a great diabetic forum here that has some great folks on it, you might want to ask there as well.
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The question is "when" was the level 154. A normal person after eating may start very high and then the levels drift down through 154 towards normality.

Diabetics generally test two hours after eating.
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