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do you know how to remove fleas?

6 months ago my cat jumped on me desperate and giving me a nice "cloud" of (almost) invisible fleas. the first weeks they were so many they would enter the throat, around the eyes, in the ears, the hands, everywhere.

our cats got them from a stray cat in our garden that is looking pretty messed up.

I couldn't go to a doctor and I thought that they would go eventually but they are still on me. I tried everything, I reduced them to a smaller number but just can't get rid of them.

I could only manage to see one dead in the hot tub, they are transparent with a brownish head. from what I read on Wiki. they are meant to be human fleas, in fact the cats don't seem to be affected any more. they are so small that when I tried to move it from the fingernail to a piece of paper I lost its sight...

I went to the local doctor eventually and she only said to use vinegar... I don't think she understood which kind of fleas they are. nothing is working and I don't know what to do... do you know of any remedy? they won't drown or die easily with insecticide. they had made nests under the skin behind the ears and on the neck which I removed but they seem to be nesting on the hair or somewhere else. I shaved my head but nothing... they're still there. I might still be getting them from the environment but not so sure about that. I don't have that impression at least... thanks.

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Yes Pryethrum can work although a lot of the fleas in the US are resistant to it. Sorry about your bad MS-like symptoms that is terrible. Acremonium is a fungus though it is not a pathological or disease causing one. I'm surprised the pathologist didn't know this. Anyway, it sounds like you are managing it. Just remember they have a 7 day life cycle and once they die off in 7 days you may want to apply again. Let me know how it goes.
take care,
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Wow, that's a weird one.  Regular fleas you find on animals do not behave in this way.  People can acquire mites that would do these things.  See another doctor, maybe a dermatologist, and maybe you can get some special soap or lotion to use, plus the dr might want you on a medication that works from inside also. - Blu
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Well, I had a cat and cat fleas prefer humans over cats or equally to cats. You can also get tapeworms from the cats. I tried using a flea bomb in the house (several cans) sometimes it works and sometimes not at all because they get resistant. I also got Cutters insect repellant that says it works on fleas. Keep it on you before you go into the house and after you shower. The fleas can jump on you then jump off when you bathe. If you bomb the house you have to leave for as long as it says on the can. The you repeat in 7 days. If that doesn't work see a veterinarian. Flea collars don't work. The vet can give you the best spray and bathing solution for the cat and then the best stuff for the rug. don't let your cats outside they will have to stay indoors after you clear them up and from now on and you need to use a litter box instead. This is why I don't have cats anymore but I hate the fleas. Dog fleas don't like humans (they are different species). Anyway, I tried both ways and only the vets way worked for me. You have to follow it exactly.
Hope this helps.
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give ur cat advantix or frontline. as for you i would bomb my house and i think the nix shampoo for lice will work on the mites
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thanks, on the cats they only survived a few weeks but didn't nest on them. we also gave them Frontline.

on me instead they never seemed to go away, they particularly bite on the area of the beard, behind the ears and almost nowhere else. they do move around all hair of the body.

other times I had regular dog fleas jump on me but they would go away in a day or two. (the bigger ones). these ones are different...

any ways today I tried filling a hot tub with hot water and a whole box of baking soda, it seemed to have worked! there are only a handful left jumping around.

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Glad you have them under control. I hate fleas. Back when I had a cat they didn't have frontline ( I forgot they now have that). So that is great. They can remain in the rug for a time but they will jump on the cat and then die off soon.
good luck!
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