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experiencing tingling/heaviness in arms, headaches after running, neck stiffness

21 years old, female

For about 3 weeks I've had sensations, tightness, and heaviness in my arms. One arm is affected when the symptoms begin, it's never both arms at the same time. The symptoms started in my left arm. My arm just feels heavy, muscles feel tight and there's a tingling sensation that runs from my shoulder blade down my arm and all the way to my hands/fingers. Somedays, the same symptoms occur in my right arm. One particular day, the tightness also affected the right side of my face, specifically my right cheek muscles. The symptoms come and go throughout the day. The symptoms  seem to get worse when sitting for extended periods of time, such as when watching t.v

If I don't have the arm pain, it's neck pain. I would say the neck pain is worse than the arm pain. My neck feels so stiff I can barely move my head around to look sideways. It's very hard to find a comfortable position to sit in or go to sleep in because the pain just gets worse and it feels like my neck is going to snap. The neck pain happens randomly and doesn't occur along with the arm pain. There are days that I wake up with the neck pain already and other days the neck pain just gradually starts mid morning or afternoon.

Recently, I've started running again after taking a 2 month break due to knee pain. Both days I have gone to run, I've ran around 3 miles. On both these days I haven't experienced the arm or neck pain, but I do end up with a headache or migraine that lasts the rest of the day, which is something that has never happened before. On the second day of running, a throbbing started on my right temple and then my entire forehead hurt for the rest of the day. I don't know if that has to do with my neck pain.

I've taken muscle relaxers which seem to help with the arm pain but not with the neck pain. These symptoms just started out of nowhere. There hasn't been a traumatic event or a fall that has caused the pain. I use biofreeze, ice, and a heated gel pack for my arm and neck pain. Of course, those things only provide temporary relief. My right trapezius muscle was also a little swollen but it has gone down with massages and good posture. I don't know if that's connected with my other symptoms. I also went to the doctor for chest pain. After Several visits to 3 different doctors and 2 EKG's done, it was finally diagnosed as musculoskeletal pain. The chest pain is gone, but these other symptoms started soon after the chest pain was gone.

I have no idea what it could be and it's frustrating since I have never experienced anything like this before. If anyone is experiencing anything similar and has been given useful information about these symptoms or answers to why they're occurring, then your reply would be much appreciated.
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go to a orthopedic clinic or a neurologist and see if you have a herniated disc in your neck
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