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extreme eyebrow hair loss

Hi everyone,

Since 3 months I am experiencing rapid eyebrows hairloss. I am losing like at least 10 hairs from each eyebrow per day. one dermatologist said I have dermatitis but I used the shampoo to apply on eyebrows but no improvement at all.

What could I have? can it be because of an underlying infection? and most importantly which doctor is the most competent for this?


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If it's the outer third of the eyebrow, you should get your thyroid checked.  If you have flaking and scaling, like you have dandruff in your eyebrows, then it's probably something fungal.  If it's not super red and inflamed, you could try applying some hydrocortisone cream to it.  If it helps, it probably is some sort of organism causing irritation and the hair loss, and something like ketoconazole cream or even lotramin would be the thing to do.  I would go see another dermatologist about it before trying to treat it yourself.  Dandruff shampoo should help a bit, but when I had eyebrow and face "dandruff" (seborrheic dermatitis), it was a course of ketoconazole cream that did the trick, and not the dandruff shampoo.
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thanks for the message.

I checked my thyroid it was ok. my eyebrowed are neither red nor inflamed. I used ketoconazole shampoo for 2 months with no effect. should a ketoconazole cream be better?

can it be related to an internal infection in the body? I will go and see another dermatologist
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A ketoconazole shampoo might not cut it.  I was using a cream 2x a day.  You wash your face first, then apply cream to the affected area and the area surrounding it, so if you have any other flaking on your face, get that too.  I think the treatment time was 6 weeks, but it said on the insert under the instructions for seborrheic dermatitis.  I just had major flaking/scaling, though, not major hair loss, but I think the cream would work better for you.
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     So sorry you are having such a problem!  To work from the inside, start taking a good Probiotic and eating a good diet including fruits and vegetables.

The supplement MSM is supposed to help one grow back their hair.

Best wishes
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