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extreme pain in upper arm/shoulder

last week i woke up to my right shoulder/arm being in extreme pain. I am 23 so i don't think its arthritis. I started icing it..which kinda helps. I also take naproxen which helps, and try to just rest it and stretch it. Its been a week and the pain is still there. some days its worse than others. It is the most painful at night when i am laying down, and sleeping has been difficult because of the pain. I stretch it slightly at work between task...i have been taking it easy. i'm not sure whats wrong with it.
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is it a muscle pain or bone pain?
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it is muscle pain, my roommate who is a physical therapist intern thinks it may have something to do with my rotator cuff...i have full strength but not full range of motion
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hmm yeah he'd know more than I since he actually looked at it.
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First, I am not a physician and am not trained in the field of health care; however, throughout the years (I'm 62) I have been able to find cures for my children and myself through the help of the Lord. I take no medication.

One day recently, I woke up with pain in my right arm muscle area between my shoulder and my elbow.This pain continued for some weeks. I was barely able to lift my arm.

I use the computer a lot and thought perhaps it might be a strain from holding my arm in the position while working the mouse.

Before going to sleep I prayed to the Lord to give me insight as to how to get rid of this horrible pain in my muscle and this is what came to me....

"Get rid of your pillow, sleep with the arm that hurts you in an extended straight position and do not sleep with it in a bent position. Your neck will stretch during the night, but if you bend your arm, it will not extend into your arm."

I did that and the next day I woke up and 90% of my pain was gone! I will do it again tonight, but what a huge relief! Thank you Lord!

It was uncomfortable at first; I could feel my neck stretching, but once I fell asleep my neck stretched while I was sleeping and didn't feel it stretching. Make sure that when you sleep, your shoulders are not touching your chin. Try and tuck your shoulders down a bit. Sleep on your back a bit with your arms in a straight position at your sides.
When I woke up, I sat upright and dropped my shoulders and rolled my necks around back and forth. I could hear cracking in my neck, but this is the first time I felt this good in a long time.
Praise God for His mercy and healing!
I pray that this might help someone else who is having the same pain.
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