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eye problems

why when i look at vertical lines it hurts my eyes
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have you had your eyes tested recently with an eye specilist. possibly you need glasses
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I had need for reading glasses arise in my senior year of high school because of things like this and because even looking up at the tv strained the eyes and caused obvious headaches.  But, I have also discovered that the visual disturbances still occur with any clothing that resembles those optical illusion effects.  So long as I don't strain my eyes I still only need the reading glasses for reading and close work and can do everything else without glasses. In fact, I can't look up with the reading glasses on.  I have since found out that some of this is from silent migraines.  Do definitely see if reading glasses is all you need.  I still get visual disturbances and these can trigger a not so silent migraine when looking at the lines that resemble optical illusions to my brain.  

A silent migraine is basically the symptoms of a migraine minus the actual headache.  If you are prone to these, all you can really do is not look at those things that cause such visual disturbances.  If this means looking away, then it's fine to do so.  Nevermind the looky loos, because many people will never understand.  You would be surprised, though, since migraines are common, that there are still plenty of people who do understand.
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