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feel sick all the time

Hey for the past few months i have been feeling sick almost every day. Its worse when i first wake up then returns at random times throughout the day. Lately its been getting worse. Everytime i eat or drink or smell, see or even think about food i feel really sick. I have seen a doctor and they havny really had any idea, just perscribed something which hasnt helped. I countinuously feel theneed to throw up and often do. Often i just lay there and it starys to choke me so i struggle to breathe and cant swallow at all. Its really starting to worry and upset me
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Since your problems revolve around food you might want to see a specialist in digestive problems. It could be a blockage, or a lack of stomach acids, or maybe gallbladder trouble. Or something else entirely.

What recommendations for further investigation has your doctor made?
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Ive had a pelvic ultrasound and will be having an abdo one. Besides that she hasnt done anything.
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Have you tried taking anything for acid reflux? I have acid reflux and if I don't take my meds, I feel sick and gaggy. I have also found that if I leave gluten out of my diet, I don't feel as bad. My nausea is worse in the morning and I am not pregnant. There have been many times when I thought I wasn't going to be able to go to work because I felt so bad. Usually, once I drink water, I feel better. This is my experience, but I don't think it's as intense as yours. I too, have told my Doc about it, but they just seem puzzled, so I deal with it. Let us know what you find out and God Bless.
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Today was alot worse as ive been vommiting to the point i threw up blood and ate and drank nothing. Sadly water makes me feel ill also but tomorrow i will ask a doctor about acid reflux. Thankyous for trying to help me
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You might ask the doctor for an H-Pylori test to see if you have a bacterial ulcer.  Also have him check your thyroid.  A goiter can get so big it chokes you.  
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I had symptoms such as yours a few months ago. In fact I wound up in the hospital bloated and in great pain. My digestive system just seemed to have shut down. In my case I believe it was due to exhaustion related to insomnia, but the exact cause was never medically determined.

I am not suggesting that you have the same problem, but it is something more to think about.
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I guess theres alot it could be perhaps i need a better doctor to discuss all things with who will do the right tests. Currenyly its like a grating through my chest one problem keeps leading to another at times it feels like my heart isnt even working right
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If all else fails, you might want to see an alternative medicine MD. They are good with hard to diagnose chronic conditions. At least that has been my experience.
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