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gastronomic problems

To whom may help,
Two years ago I have experienced severe pain in stomach and severe headache, after several test the problem was helicobacteropylori and was treated with rabec, antibiotic and librax ( for stomach nervous problem ), things were fine ( on the exception of some times where I drink alcohol ). Until recently I was at a snack having different kind of food ( especially cheese sandwiches ) drank some coke and avocado cocktail and went to play cards with some friends; an hour an a half passed normally until I was about to leave and I had a slight dizziness and felt like throwing up; having a phobia of vomitting I started breathing fast which induced a panic attack where my whole body cramped and had to be admitted to hospital where they gave me prinperent ( not sure of the spelling ) and some relaxing medication ... After I went out I had my blood test done where all came normal and except for low vitamin d and high redblood count ( no hpylori, no glucose, sgpt normal...) Anyway, bottom line is that my doc gave me some rabec in the morning and librax and spasmo-canulase before eating ... My situation got better, but its been almost a month I stopped the rabec treatment still on librax and sometimes after eating especially heavy meals (such as fries ..)And escpecially at night I get some spasms or pain and get slightly nauseous and burning sensation in my stomach ( the pain gets worst when I get cold as I noticed ). Thanks god I'm a bit better but I'm getting frustrated since I'm not getting a correct diagnostic and the period has been prolonged which is affecting my social life. My endoscopy is next week but I'm bored of waiting and not knowing the problem... So if somebody has any suggestion please help
Ps: I'm 23 male ...
Thank you in advance
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I would recommend paying closer attention to your diet; it doesn't sound like it is the best.  
Coke?  Fries?  Alcohol?  Heavy meals?  
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H. Pylori is the bacteria that can survive stomach acid.... it's the bacteria that's responsible for a lot ulcers!  It sounds like you have some acid issues, and possible an ulcer. You'll know about the ulcer after your endoscopy.   When you get cold your muscles start to tighten up and twitch... your abdominal muscles tightening can easily force stomach acid up your esophagus.  And that burns like a S.O.B.

Stay away from dairy, caffeine, soda, alcohol.... well, basically stay away from the fun stuff :(  It'll only make it worse!  And please continue working with your doctor!

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