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green tea

i drink a big cup of green tea every night before bed, sometimes refilling.  lately i have been having a hard time going to the bathroom, hurts really bad.  Is it from drinking to much green tea
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green tea is very healthy, but you cannot over do it. maybe a cup every other morning. drinking green tea every single day causes headaches, and what you've been experiencing. cut down to maybe half a cup a day.
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Tea contains about half the amount of caffeine found in coffee, so moderate consumption of green tea is unlikely to cause problems for the majority of people.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, here are the symptoms to watch out for:



sleeping problems


heart palpitations

loss of appetite

upset stomach


frequent urination

skin rash
How to deal with tea caffeine? It is like an onion, surrounded by layers of myths. Are you ready to peel and see what is truly inside?

I wonder if u may have some other issue...do see a urologist.

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You might have some kind of infection, and it is just a coincidence that it hit the same time you were drinking the tea. I would see a urologist.
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Tea - I know that it makes me get up to pee at night.

I am absolutely sure that Tea makes me pee too much. Black Tea even gives me belly aches.
If I have tea in the morning it's OK but if I have it at night as well it makes me get up at least three times in a night to pea a piddling amount from what feels like a full bladder. It takes about two days of drinking too much tea to build up to be that problem. As soon as I stop having two cups of tea I stop getting up at night.
I know that the tea is the cause because I have tested and observed it too many times to be wrong. Drink no more than one cup of tea a day and not at night.

We are constantly led to believe that many things we eat and drink are good for us - including tea. I often ask "Are we being told these things are good for us for commercial reasons - to sell products"? If we were told the truth about all the things we consume I am sure that we would have to stop eating and drinking half the stuff that we are led to believe is good for us. Many years ago smoking was promoted as a health benefit - der.

I often wonder about the benefits of red wine - Is it true what we are told OR does that one small glass of wine that we are told is good for us still cause some brain cell damage just as too much wine makes us tipsy and has been proven does cause brain cells to die. It's a fact that getting drunk contributes to Alzheimer's and causes all other sort of problems. So how do we know that it really is good for us just because we are told that it is?
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