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grey hair; how to stop n reverse?

Im 35 yr old male and for last 5 years ive been having gradual increase in grey hair around sides of my head and from top.
My father is 60 and he started greying after 50 when he had heart attack so on hereditary note it shouldnt be happening. Being a former light smoker may have been a part to it, im not excessively overweight 85kg for 5'10" height and no strict dier generally am healthy.
I want to know more regarding grey hair preventoon and reversal, i been reading about jaapanese plant she wu, and various others but am not sure as some are for such treatments and others against it.

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You could eat a paleo diet, avoiding sugar and processed food.  Take antioxidants.  L-arginine in general helps people look and feel more youthful, increasing blood flow.  
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you didn't mention your mothers side! As for  L-arginine you have to be careful
taking supplements as it can have an effect cancer. speak to your doctor first
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My hair turned prematurely grey due to vitamin B12 deficiency. This is reversible with correcting vitamin B12 deficiency.  Researchers from University Hospital’s Department of Dermatology in Sweden conducted a study where participants suffering vitiligo (white patches on the skin) increased their consumption of folic acid and vitamin B12 and found re-pigmentation of grey hair in 64% of the patients and 6 patients experiencing total re-pigmentation!

To add, lack of vitamin B6, folate and vitamin B12 increases amino acid homocysteine. When elevated, this amino acid is toxic and highly linked to heart attack, stroke and over 100 other diseases. An amazing book on this: "The H Factor Solution: Homocysteine, the Best Single Indicator of Whether You Are Likely to Live Long or Die Young" by James Braly MD and Patrick Holford.

Another reversible cause of premature grey hair is thyroid disease although that doesn't cause any issues with me personally (have hashimoto's thyroiditis) but my hair is now thicker. You would have other symptoms besides grey hair but i thought i would add that as a cause. :)

Researchers have suggested that a nutritious diet high in amino acids and calcium can help promote melanogenesis (produces the melanin pigment needed to keep the hair strands saturated with colour).

There is a product called Melancor that claims to help reverse grey hair. Another claims is that the herb cat's claw can help reverse grey hair. You can try them out but i can't personally say either will work.
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There is always the cover up approach, but I have to be honest with you. I don't understand the concern people have with getting a little gray. Gray can be VERY attractive and sexy! It's all about you and your attitude about it. If you think happy and youthful, you will be. Enjoy what God has given you and be proud or yourself for who you are. Everyone in my family started graying at 18. Just happy to have hair!
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Hi guys
Many thanks, em no I dont suffer from any illness, though I am asthamtic (very light/ocassional will get asthma if near cut grass or confined in place where there's alot of frying ie takeaways etc). I dont work in takeaway but find that oily fried environments do cause a problem. The vitamin B deficiency is a possible culprit as my diet can vary due to nature of myjob.
Im wondering about a chinese herb she wu as this is also quite popular.
My concern is i dont want to use hair colours or use anything like peroxide based due to effects they have. I'd much prefer a natural remedy or go total commando and give my upstairs a total clearout (clean shave head).

Do appreciate your responses, thank you in advance
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