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does spending time on the laptop for 6hrs straight and more   everyday ,cause cancer ? because my sister's face turned super burning red , and she was so hot .
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I would recommend you post in the Undiagnosed Symptoms Forum vs the Cancer Forum.

I have read that people have experienced health problems related to prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields; it is called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).  These claims are controversial though.  

Just google the above and see if that gives you some answers.  
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Hello, that is very strange, I really do not know why that would happen. I know if I am using my computer too much, my eyes start to get blurry, but, I have not gotten over-heated or anything.
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The answer is no. Sitting at a modern laptop and viewing the screen for six hours will not cause cancer.

This is an urban myth, dating back to the days when television screens used high-voltage electron guns that theoretically posed some danger. The laptop screen uses a different technology.

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