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help me

i usually had great workouts with very less diet intake and i think this is hurting me now......................................
anyone plz tell me that,
does excess workout hurts ones life
from the past 6 months i am feeling fatigue sometimes and even i can't walk for a kilometer.
i feel sweaty from my knees to heel and observed leg(calf's)cramps too.
i also observed that my legs and hands are shaking and shivering.
does excess work in gym leads to nerve problems.
i usually work more than 2 to 3 hrs in gym.
fluid intake is low
took 2 slices brown bread with two slices tomato and onion.with a cup of milk in the morning
took a cup of brown rice with dal in the afternoon
and two slices brown bread same as morning for dinner.
due to this i felt nervous and went to doctor he suggested me some blood tests for vitamin d3
in results the vitamin D3 level is low and i was prescribed with nuroday and calcium citrate malate tablets.
those were good.
but some times i was feeling some drowsiness still.
plz suggest me any other tests and help me to live energetically.
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With all the working out that you were doing it appears that you were not having enough energy foods to keep you going.  The types of food that you require are those that are slow release energy foods, like porridge, protein foods, complex carbohydrates.  Not sugary foods that cause a high sugar surge and a drop very quickly.

Would be a good idea to get checked out for diabetes.  
You may have been suffering from hypoglycaemia.  This is when the sugar levels drop in your body giving you the symptoms that you described.

Another reason is also due to dehydration.  When you are working out, your body is losing fluids through sweating, it is important therefore to drink fluids, like the energy drinks that give you back the salts that are lost through perspiration as well as the water.

With the cramping, this could be due to lack of magnesium and salts and definitely lack of fluid in your body.  So do drink your water and do not become dehydrated.  Dehydration can lead to headaches and the formation of kidney stones and other problems.  

To find out your body mass, you can check your weight to height ration on the web.  This will then give you information whether your weight to your height is fine, under or overweight, obese or morbidly obese.

If you are overweight, the thing is to eat healthily and losing 1-2 pounds a week is considered a safe and steady way to lose.

Best wishes.

Best wishes.
6905554 tn?1386945849
i forget a thing that i also had a lite gastric trouble and passes gas from anus and mouth toooo.does this also leads to fatigue plz help me
6905554 tn?1386945849
i stopped physical workout now and now my weight is 87 with obese body type
6905554 tn?1386945849
thank u very very much.
but i already tested for sugar levels and all that seems to be normal.
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If you had the HbA1c blood test, this test indicates your blood glucose levels for the previous two to three months.

Did the doctor tell you the test result in mmol/mol ?  
The following web page gives information about the HbA1c levels and what they mean.  You can also convert mmol/mol to percentage figures and visa versa.

You can experience low blood sugar levels without having diabetes.  So when you are well enough again to work out, don't do more than 5 days in a week, eat slow release foods like explained in my previous post to you, and always have a bottle of water with you to replace the fluids that you lose through perspiration.

Best wishes.
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